The Birmingham Doctors

Protesters took the streets in the wake of legislation effectively banning abortions in Alabama and criminalizing the doctors who perform them. While covering The March For Reproductive Freedom: Sister March in Birmingham, I spotted a large group of medical professionals in their coats publicly protesting the new law. In spite of a long history of targeted and often deadly violence against abortion providers in America, these OBs, GYNs, and fourth year medical students seeking to specialize in women's reproductive health shared their reasons for attending the protest and agreed to be photographed. 

Sarah Dilley, MD, MPH Gynecologic Oncology 

“I decided to become an abortion provider when I was in Africa in a country that had an abortion law that is very similar to the one that Alabama just passed and I saw a woman die from an unsafe abortion.
Sofia Buenaventura, MD Obstetrics & Gynecology

“I’m here for one reason: advocating for my patients and just making sure that they have the rights to get a safe abortion in the future. Nobody should have that right taken away from them.”

Photographed du
Audra Williams, MD, MPH Obstetrics & Gynecology

“I was born in Alabama, I grew up here. I left and got my medical training in other parts of the country and now I’m back to serve the women of Alabama and they deserve better. That’s why I’m here today."
Whitney Goldsberry, MD Gynecologic Oncology

“Abortion doesn’t stop just because it’s banned. It only means that those procedures are performed unsafely and the result is that more women will suffer and more women will die as a result of this.”

Rebecca Arend, MD Gynecologic Oncology

“I’m a GYN oncologist at UAB Birmingham and I did my residency at Columbia where I was very involved in family planning there and owe a ton to the women who trained me to be able to safely give abortions to first an
Margaret Liang, MD Gynecologic Oncology

“I’m here today as a women’s healthcare provider. Crazily, this is the first time I’ve actually been to a rally or march of any sort and it’s been a really impactful experience and I’m here trying to fight for wome
Storm McWhorter, 4th year medical student

“I’m here today because abortion is part of healthcare, and no one- no matter their gender, race or socioeconomic status- should have the power to dictate another individual’s access to healthcare.”

Harriet Washington, 4th year medical student

“I’m really passionate about women’s health, about women’s issues and women’s rights, so that’s why I’m here today. I came to medical school and I wanted to be a physician because I really cared about women an
Rodrigo D. Muñoz, 4th year medical student 

“I think it’s my responsibility as a future OBGYN to fight for my patients that I’ll have in the future so that I can practice the full range of obstetric and gynecologic healthcare.”

Photographed during the
Savannah N. Johnson, 4th year medical student

“I’m here today because I think as a future physician I have an obligation to be informed on issues that affect our patients and I also have an obligation to stand up for what’s right for them. So whether tha
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